water color violinAbout Lessons

I teach both Violin and Viola, and I’ll teach students in either a traditional Suzuki fashion or as a supplement to school orchestra. Some of these details will depend on which type of lesson the student needs but for the most part, it applies to all of my students. I teach at my home in Edmond.
Violin lessons are a large commitment, not just for the student but for the whole family. Yes, the student will be doing the majority of the work learning the actual instrument, but it is taxing on the family as well. Siblings often don’t like to listen to the practicing, parents have to be willing to assist when necessary, and we don’t want to forget the financial commitment. For my Suzuki parents with younger children, I ask that you participate in both the lessons and the at home practice. What that means is that you’ll not only attend the lessons, but actively participate in them and take notes in preparation for the learning to continue at home.


For all of my violin and viola students I do lessons once a week. Usually beginners will do a 30 minute lesson, then we’ll move up to 45 minute or 1 hour lessons for more advanced students. If you’d like to see if your ideal lesson time is available, I post my schedule with the family’s last name on the calendar page of this website. However, I don’t block off other unavailable times, so I may not be teaching during that time but I may not teach during that time at all. If you’re interested in lessons and want a specific time, simply mention that in the contact form and we’ll see what we can do. Also, we do two recitals a year, one around Christmas and one at the end of the school year. The recitals are voluntary and open to all of my students.


I request that all of my students pay for the whole month of lessons at the beginning of the month. If we know we’re only doing 3 lessons that month or 5 lessons in a long month you’ll pay accordingly. So, it’s not monthly tuition, it is a pay per lesson system but pre-paid. If you need to cancel a lesson I will reschedule if possible but if that doesn’t work, I do not do refunds. However, if I need to cancel a lesson AND we can’t find a make-up time, you’ll get a credit for that lesson towards the next month’s lessons. Please contact me for lessons pricing, the cost varies depending on the length of the lesson. The only other cost you’ll incur would be to participate in the recitals.